Artist Chris King knew from a young age that he was different. He saw the world differently than most, having a deep understanding and appreciation for beauty and the creation thereof. As a young boy raised in the outskirts of Maryland, King crafted and honed his innate skills in the areas of painting, sculpture, modeling, and design: a lifetime devotion to technique and form was driven into Chris King’s soul. “I always have lived the life as an outdoorsman, free from the stifling social parameters imposed by society” says King when asked about his life. “I have never allowed myself to be limited in my imagination or put into a box. When I needed something, especially growing up, I had to create it. It was growing up in this environment that pushed my limits, where nature and the circumstances it creates to exploited my unbridled creativity from within.”

As Chris grew in age, he began venturing from the rawness of his naturism lifestyle to that of metropolitan life, finding himself and his talents in Washington DC. “I got my first work in DC as a model, but I pursued other art forms and painted nearly every moment I could,” said a reflecting King. “It evoked a sense of catharsis for me, for my work harkened to my rustic roots as I was living in the fast-paced insanity of a major city.” King began painting murals for friends and local business owners as an outlet of expression to their delight. “At the time, I didn’t care if I was being adequately compensated or not, I just needed to express myself.”

Chris King’s talents didn’t go unnoticed for long. Peter Angelos, famed attorney and owner of the Baltimore Orioles major league baseball team approached Chris after taking notice of his work around town. “I was just looking for a wall or building to paint on,” recalls Chris. “But before I know it, I was being commissioned by the Baltimore Orioles to paint Camden Yard with my murals. It was an amazing honor, and the story was picked up on the front cover of The Baltimore Sun. I went from being known as “that artist guy” to “Artist Chris King” overnight it seemed.”

Chris’s works grew with his popularity, making a number of national TV appearances, news stories, and other major publications. “It was quite a whirlwind for me at the time, for I wasn’t use to being in the spotlight” states King. “I went from asking people to paint on their empty walls to being highly demanded for large scale murals and commissioned pieces alike. It was surreal, and never did I think it would last for now almost 20 years.”

Today, Artist Chris King resides in Northeast Florida, back to his familiar lifestyle of the outdoors. “It’s much more quiet out here, I am able to reflect and in touch with my creative side.” King now spends the majority of his time rendering additions to his animal and nature-themes gallery art and running his Art and Design business, King Productions LLC. “I wanted a chance to make my art available to not only for my high-end cliental, but also accessible to the masses.” Chris lives his life with the freedom he did growing up,  nomadically travelling from place to place, never pigeon-holding his talents to one place or spectrum. “I enjoy working the comic-con and sci-fi conventions from time to time, as well as other shows outside my usual genres, and have developed a fun and passionate following there. It keep my creative juices flowing and hopeful leads to creations that others can enjoy.”